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Mary Grambon

I was skeptical to buy mattress first. I was worry for quality. Deal was very good like price plus 2 free pillow and protector. I thoght to try 100 nights hybrid mattress..Believe me, from first night I feel rested. Quality of material is better that big brand in this price.

Zhang Wei

This mattress is not too stiff for my wife and just right for myself. It’s breathable so it keeps my body temp just right. It is a comfortable mattress that my body is still getting used too. All in all a great purchase. This fairly new company but I give 5 star. Excellent customer service too.
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Sleep Tight

Improve the quality of my sleep, very happy on my purchase.

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Zen Mattress

Hi Doesn't do what it says on the tin, sorry. Mattress doesn't keep cool. Neither is it comfortable even with the free mattress protector. Really wish, I had kept my old one. What a waste of money. So disappointed and feel extremely let down.

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“it’s a miracle she can walk”

It's a hallelujah moment. I get up and I'm able to walk first thing in the morning! It's encouraged me to go on a diet too. I'm a fidget and it's most annoying waiting for your bum dip to pop back out when you have rolled onto your tummy but.... It may not feel the most comfortable getting your position at first but once asleep it is lights out for the night and when you get up nothing hurts. Brilliant.

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Great customer service and super comfy mattress

I can't fault the service I received from zen. Very efficient, very helpful and very accommodating. The mattress is great and I would highly recommend if you like a firmer mattress with a comfy top layer.

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3 Months In

Couldn't be happier with my mattress, can honestly say that this bed is getting me better sleep. Glad i spent the money on this!

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Zen mattress and pillows

Absolutely amazing some of the best sleep I've ever had

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I have spent several years with lower back ache due to a slight curvature of the spine and I find that this mattress helps it greatly

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Such a comfortable mattress!

The Zen is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I sleep so much better- and look forward throughout the day to getting into bed- thank you!

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Great Service

Fantastic telephone service when I ordered the wrong size mattress. All sorted quickly and with ease.

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Zen cost back

We purchased the Zen 6 weeks ago, and we are so pleased we chose Zen. It was very difficult as a lot of choice for similar beds. We narrowed it down to just two, the Zen and the Emma, but when we tried the Emma we found it too firm. Now we are sleeping like babies. The mattress contours to our body shape which sort of cocoons you. If there i Read more abouts one thing that could be improved I would say to put handles on the sides of mattress to enable ease of movement when turning regularly.

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Zen Hybrid Double Mattress

I needed a new mattress, but knew I was going to find it hard to decide which one to get, so I thought if it wasn't suitable for me, then my daughter & her fiance could have it for a bedroom in their new home. Well I couldn't believe how comfortable it was, despite my back problems. I now understand why you are happy to allow people to have a 100 day trail, because you are so confident about your product. Ordering & delivery were so efficient. There was a definite odour from the mattress, which was mentioned & by airing the room well, it soon subsided. Thank you for taking the stress out of researching about different types of mattresses.

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Good middle firmness
Peter C.

My parter prefers a softer mattress, whilst I prefer the them a bit harder. Thought we’d give the zen a try and were not disappointed. It has taken a few weeks to get used to, but now is perfect for both of us.

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Best nights sleep
Jess P.

I love my new mattress, I have never slept so well as I have on my new zen mattress. I have a problem with my hip and sleeping on the mattress makes such a difference.
Was a bit dubious about the reviews I’d read as I’d tried memory foam mattresses previously and wasn’t impressed. However since having this Zen Hybrid all I can say is how wrong I was. Can actually say this is the best mattress I’ve ever owned. When you consider the amount of time spent sleeping it’s money well spent

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Best ever sleep in 53 years
Chloe M.

Having bought my Zen three weeks ago, convincing my husband we needed a new mattress , we can honestly say it is heavenly!! Even my husband who only gets a few hours sleep per night as he starts work at 4am the quality of sleep is the best ever, it supports you so no aches in the morning, it’s too difficult to get up though lol.

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The best sleep eevveeerrr!!!!!

I ordered with Zen due to not having to wait a really long time for the mattress like most other mattress companies and this was the right choice. everything turned up 2 days later all on the same delivery. This is no way a reflection on the quality though. We have had Tempur before and Zen is definitely on par if not better. We especially like Read more about the pillows as they can be changed to suit all needs
Honestly, have not had a good night sleep for years and this has really helped.

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A very good investment

So there are two investments in life which are very important: property and a good mattress. I used to suffer from back pain a lot and after reading the review for the Zen, I took the plunge and bought one. It’s been a few weeks now and I have had no lower back or upper back pain whatsoever. As the hybrid mattress moulds my weight, it leads me t Read more abouto sleep longer and enjoy a more comfortable night in bed. Definitely a buy to recommend!

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Excellent Night’s Sleep
Carla B.

I often woke up with sore back on my old mattress, but now I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed with no back pain. I wish I had switched sooner!!!!

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HAPPY customer!
Emily D.

We are very happy with our new Zen mattress so far - not too squishy not too hard, it’s offering us great night sleeps and my back pain has disappeared! Recommended.

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A very good investment
Paresh P.

After being sceptical of a hybrid mattress we took the plunge and have no regrets! The best sleep we have had in years and a bonus of no back pain.....top marks!!

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Best sleep in years!!
Mohamed D.

Buy it now.

What lower pain??
Nomi L.

Words cannot describe what the Wave mattress is doing to relieve my lower back pain! I wake up each morning pain free both in my back and shoulders. Both my husband and I have been moving for the past 2 months and have stretched muscles we didn't even know we had. Would highly recommend the Wave for anyone who wants a great nights' sleep!!

Spoiled me for any other mattress
Dylan L.

Had our zen hybrid for about 6 weeks... and we love it, to the point that neither of us are comfortable sleeping on another mattress. Case in point, about 2 weeks ago, we went out of town and stayed with a family member. They had a newer mattress - less than a year old - that they allowed us to use. I woke up with pain in between my shoulder blades, and my wife (who is pregnant) said she couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in all night. We came back after a few days - and after our first night back on our Wave, all pain gone, back to a deep and restful sleep.

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Very happy
Jignesh S.

My wife and I were excited to try an zen mattress, and to get a brand new mattress finally! We both thought we enjoyed firm mattresses, and we're both fairly small, but we went out on a limb and got a Kingsize. The mattress is soft and the memory foam is luxurious. My back felt immediately relaxed the first time we got on it. Though this is softer than any mattress we would dream of having, it is super supportive and doesn't seem over-soft the way “luxury" mattresses can. It's like zen knew us better than we knew ourselves. We are very very happy with it! We look forward to sleeping on it every night.

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Perfect Firmness and Supportive
Laura K.

The more I sleep on this mattress the more I enjoy it. It is extremely comfortable, firm and very supportive.

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Christy M.

Ever since our zen mattress arrived, my partner and I cannot believe how soft it is. We're also super impressed with how it absorbs any sense of movement so if we toss and turn neither of us can feel it!

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Zen mattress for patient with learning disability
Mark D.

we recently purchased this mattress for a person who has severe learning disabilities and dementia. It is amazing. He loves it and appears to be more settled since we got it. He is sleeping better. We and his family are very pleased with it. Thanks Zen.

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Our mattress
Tom B.

My wife and I are very happy with our new Zen mattresses. We bought two singles for our superking bed and they fit well and the low hassles nature of them arriving rolled up was excellent. As we effectively bought a superking it would have been nice to qualify for the full discount on that mattress which doesn't apply for single mattresses.

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D'costa L.

I was reluctant buying a mattress online and especially one that came in a box. However, after a few nights getting used to sleeping on a new mattress I was pleasantly surprised and now I feel it is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on !!.... excellent !!

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Best night sleep had for years
Ben C.

No dips on Mattress that you get on other foam mattress.No collapse edges, very good buy

Nathan C.

This bed is everything it’s talked up to be. Comfortable, firm yet soft. I was having back pain and it has helped relieve some of that. I sleep more consistently through the night. Thank you Zen!!

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What a dream this mattress is.
Noah L.

It's the best, so comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone.

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Zen Mattress has changed my life
Leo D.

Since i spent a significant time of my life sleeping on poor quality product i decided to commit to a top quality brand and found zen. Why did i wait so long? I should have had this years ago but now, thanks to zen, i am eating healthily, running for the bus and training for a marathon and it is all thanks to you, zen.

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Excellent product
Raju S.

Very pleased with the Zen mattress. As per other reviews the mattress felt hard to begin with but has proved to be a very comfortable sleep and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Delivery was within a couple of days of the order being placed with no hassle whatsoever.

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Best sleep ever
Joshua P.

I was having problems with back pain and since I got my new zen mattress I am sleeping better and the pain has gone. My wife wanted to retain the old mattress in case I needed to return the Zen one under the 100 day satisfaction guarantee but within a few days I knew it was perfect for me.

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Zen Hybrid Mattress
Matthew D.

I have slept on this mattress for over a month and it is fantastic - quite definitely best mattress I have had. Very supportive for the body but not soft and temperature control excellent. Would thoroughly recommend.

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Too hot, too soft

Sadly we found the mattress too soft and too hot so it is in the process of being returned.

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Happy Sleep

Delivered when promised. Sleeping much better now - highly recommend Eve mattress! Happy customer 🙂

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Love it
Sam P.

Great mattress and bedding - had a big discount in the sale. Defi inately worth it