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Microfiber Bedsheet Set

Mattress in a box

100 Night Trial

10 Year Warranty

Free Accessories are packed inside box. No need to add extra

Luxury Microfiber Sheet Sets

Soft, silky, and Comfortable These Luxurious Bed Sheets Are!they Are Perfect for Any Room.


Feel Smooth

Incredibly smooth and long-lasting weave that’s crafted to look as sumptuous as they feel.



High-quality microfiber, constructed with a tighter weave, ensures durability with frequent washing.

Zen Microfiber Bedsheet Set

Zen beautiful sheets will enhance any decor and brighten any bedroom with their vibrant styling. Microfiber has a tendency to feel smooth from the minute you put them on the bed, offer significantly more luxurious drape and sheen.

Strong and durable

Strong and durable

It woven using advanced technology in laboratories. As a result of this, the fibers are so finely woven that they become incredibly tight and strong.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Can be washed and dried without special instructions or detergent. They are durable enough to be washed on a normal cycle in your washing machine, 

Dry very quickly

Dry very quickly

It dry very fast, compare to cotton bedsheet.



The hypoallergenic properties of this material mean they don’t cause allergic reactions. Allergens don’t get trapped in the fibers, so you have less to worry about.

Feel Soft

Feel Soft

Softer, smoother touch when the thread count is high. The higher thread count will determine not only the softness but also the longevity.

Great Value

Great Value

They’re long-lasting and great value for money, as well as being excellent for warmth. 


Be Assured, It's Zensleep Quality.

if not we will give you your money back!

Life is Getting More and More Stressful and Zen SHEET will be your Secret to Relaxing at The End Of A Long Day.

There's nothing greater than turning in for the night after a long stressful day, especially when you can wrap yourself in comfortable with the Zen Sheet Set.


Finely woven fibers that measure less than one denier in diameter deliver a plush hand that’s brushed for superior softness.

Warm in Cold, Cool in Hot

To provide more resilient with a smooth soft feeling feel and lustrous appearance. A softer, finer touch. With superior breathability, they will keep your warm in cold and cool in hot that will have you sleeping comfortably every night!

Feel Soft

Made with Ultra-Soft Double Thread Count 100% polyester Brushed microfiber fabric, these ultra-plush sheets are woven with the finest craftsmanship. Exquisitely designed with a perfect combination of durability and softness.


Breathable & Light Weight

Supreme breathability, achieved through lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, provides a dry and comfortably cool sleep environment.

Wrinkle Resistance

Our fitted sheet is medium in thickness, which gives you a breathable and cooling night. This is hypoallergenic, fade-resistant, and wrinkle resistant. Say goodbye to wrinkles, and tedious tasks like ironing, and hello to cozy, soft, and comfortable bedding!


Our Hypo Allergenic Bedding Set is constructed from a tightly woven fabric that repels dust mites and makes this an ideal solution for Allergy sufferers.

Sleep Better

Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. Silky soft, most comfortable and luxurious pillowcases you can find. No Knots in the morning!!! Not only leaves your facial skin feeling soft and smooth, but also helps your curly hair be less tangled by reducing frizz.

Easy Care

Machine washable for easy care, the microfiber sheets are made with 100 percent polyester to resist wrinkles and pilling better than traditional cotton sheets.

Machine wash cold (up to 40°C); do not bleach; tumble dry or iron on normal temperature


Frequently asked questions

1 pc – Flat sheet – 259 cm x 228 cm 2 pcs -Pillow cases 77 cm X 51 cm

As you probably guessed, microfiber sheets are made out of microfiber. Microfiber is a man-made fabric rather than a natural one, like cotton or linen. The most usual microfiber bed sheets are made of polyesters or polyamides but you can also find those made from wood pulp.

Image of fiber thickness for flax, wool, cotton, silk, microfiber - What Are Microfiber Sheets?
Microfiber sheets consist of finely woven fibers with a denier of less than 1. You’ve likely come across this term on stockings packages where it’s abbreviated as denDenier is the unit to measure for linear mass density. It is the mass in grams per 9000 meters of the fiber. Just to bring a comparison, light summer stockings are usually 8-10 denier and fine silk measures approximately at 1.25 denier. So microfibers with their less than 1 denier are truly fine.

Microfiber sheets can be washed and dried in regular washers and dryers. They do not need special attention in this area. As a thin fiber also makes for a thin sheet, it takes little time for microfiber sheets to dry. Especially when compared to natural fibers. Another bonus that comes from their thinness is purely practical – the sheet takes less room in the laundry hamper, as well as in the washing machine.

One less thing to worry about is ironing. Microfiber sheets are usually pretty much wrinkle free, so you can put them straight on your bed after taking them out of the dryer. But still upto you !!

Microfiber sheets hold dye very well. So the color will not wear out, instead it will remain vibrant even after many washings. Since it is able to hold color well, you can choose from a variety of shades and patterns.

No it does not come with zipper

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