Good Sleep Habits in Your Child

We all know that children need good sleep habits. But busy work schedules for parents, after-school activities, and homework can all cut down on school nights into family time and have big impact on how much child sleeps.

Since time together for so many families begins around 6 or 7 o’clock or even later on a school night, setting up an early bedtime can be difficult. And since experts say school-age children roughly need about 9 to 11 hours of sleep— which means they need to go to bed around 8 or 9 o’clock, depending on what time they need to get up — that doesn’t leave much time for anything besides dinner, homework and reading one short book chapter together.


Given that time for so many households begins at about 6 or 7 o’clock or even later in the evening on a school night, it may be difficult to set up early bedtime. And since experts say school-age kids need about 9 to 11 hours of sleep— which means they need to go to bed around 8 or 9 o’clock, depending on how long they need to get up — that doesn’t leave much time for anything apart from having dinner, homework and reading a short chapter of book together.


Yet having enough shut-eye can be especially important for grade-schoolers. How much a child sleeps will greatly affect the growth and development of the infant. Research has demonstrated that lack of sleep can affect the temperament, behavior, alertness, and learning ability of a child. It has been shown that children who do not get enough sleep perform worse on memory and attention tests. An April 2009 study (Click Here for Study Link)found that in grade-school years, sleep problems were associated with poor cognitive test scores when the children reached puberty.

So what can you do to make sure your child sleeps enough to function at his best?

Stick to a routine.

To order to instill good sleeping habits kids, a good bedtime routine is important. A bath, pyjamas, brushing teeth and a couple of pages from a book — whatever your nighttime ritual is, be sure to stick to it consistently so your child knows what to expect and can move efficiently every night through every routine.

Notify Them Early Enough:

Before their bedtime, you should always notify them when it’s almost getting to their bedtime. You don’t have to give them a time limit, you can start by doing things that will signify that it’s bedtime already, such as running bath water, packing toys away, or ring the kitchen timer few minutes to bedtime.

Give them a healthy bedtime snack:

Giving them a healthy light bedtime snack that contains protein and carbohydrate, such as whole-grain cereal with milk, a small piece of cheese, a half slice of wheat bread, piece of fruit, crackers, etc. which will make them feel sleepy and make their body stay fueled throughout the night till breakfast. Ensure that they brush their teeth before they sleep and avoid making them eat large snacks so as not to interfere with their sleep.

Sleep environment.

Ensure that your children’s bedroom is dark and quiet and also that the whole house is also quiet, If your child does not like a dark room or scared of the dark, you can either turn on a small night light from a desk lamp or leave the hall light on.

Warm Bath

To slightly increase your child’s body temperature, you need to ensure that you give them a warm bath before their bedtime. It will also help in inducing their sleep.

Comfortable Dress and Cool room temperature.

Ensure that your kids wear a comfortable pajama that is not too thick or too light, having in mind that they can move out of the covers late at night, also make sure the room is cool enough for the children to sleep in.

Read Bedtime Stories:

To make them feel relaxed and also induce sleep, reading their favorite stories will help you in achieving.


Provide a Favorite Bedtime Object

Bedtime separates the child from the people he/she loves, so it will be better to provide something like the child’s favorite doll, teddy bear or blanket that can provide comfort and security for the child before falling asleep.

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